What is Restorative Justice?: Brenda Morrison, Director of SFU's Centre for Restorative Justice, (3 and ½ min)

What is Restorative Justice?: Brief animated illustration (1 ½ min)

The Woolf Within: Peter Woolf was a prolific offender, ensconced in a world of violence and depravity, who, by his own reckoning committed about 20,000 crimes. Peter met with his victim, Will, in a restorative justice session that took place in the prison. (10 min)

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth: Intro to Restorative Justice for high needs school Oakland, California (7 min)

Katy Hutchison: Victim's Perspective: Katy Hutchison became a Restorative Justice advocate following the murder of her first husband. (7 min)

Case Study: Jacob Dunne: One punch kills a man. Can anything transform the young man who threw the punch? (19 min)